About Us

Aeindry Skincare Origin Story

Aeindry Skincare is a woman-owned all-natural and handmade skincare small business.

We are a small, woman-owned 100% natural handmade skincare company founded and operating in the Pacific Northwest. The natural skincare journey started in 2012 when our son developed allergies and eczema. To help with eczema, Riddhima (a mom and biotechnologist) started researching natural body care ingredients around the world and came up with recipes. With the handmade natural skincare products, the usage of prescribed steroids on our son was reduced. With the success of hand and body lotion recipes, we focused on natural soaps to further help her son with eczema. Now the entire family including our daughter uses natural skincare products.

Aeindry Skincare, founded by Riddhima Mohiley, is a place where we make 100% natural skincare products, free of preservatives or any chemicals. Hoping the community benefits from our products and love them as we did over the years.